By: Carrie Heath, September 20, 2023
The Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center and the Hometown Science Festival announce an open call for local artists to participate in the November Atrium exhibit, “The Golden
Ratio: Where Math, Art, and Nature Intersect.” Artists of all ages and levels of experience may enter one piece in any medium which shows their interpretation of the Golden Ratio. Drop-off for artwork is Thursday, November 2 from 12-6PM. The exhibit will be on display from November 4-26th.

What is the Golden Ratio? The Golden Ratio is a proportion of 1 to 1.618. Take a line and divide it into two parts – a long part (a) and a short part (b). The entire length (a + b)
divided by (a) is equal to (a) divided by (b). And both of those numbers equal 1.618. So, (a + b) divided by (a) equals 1.618, and (a) divided by (b) also equals 1.618. It may be
easier to think of a rectangle with a square inside it. The sides of the square are equal to the shortest length of the rectangle. These squares and rectangles can be placed
together in a pattern radiating out from a center point. Then, if you draw an arch from one corner of each square to the far corner, you create a perfectly balanced spiral. This
shape may be familiar to you from fractals, flower petals, and seashells.

Where do we see the Golden Ratio? The Golden Ratio can be seen all over in nature – in the spiral of a fiddlehead fern, the swirling clouds of a hurricane, even the proportions
of our faces. Artists, architects, and product designers have used the golden ratio for centuries to create harmonic, pleasing designs like the Parthenon, the Mona Lisa, and
even the Apple logo! Many websites use this proportion as the basis for their designs.

Rules for Entries:
Entries must relate to the theme of the Golden Ratio. All 2-dimensional work should be able to be hung on the wall. Any 3-dimensional pieces should be stable enough to sit on
a flat surface without support. Artists will need to fill out a form with their contact information when they drop off their artwork, and will be expected to pick up their
artwork at the end of the exhibit.

Exhibits at The Gmeiner are not insured, so artwork is displayed at the artist’s risk.

Please ensure that your work is ready for display by the drop-off date. All pieces should be signed and dated, and they should have the title on the back. Paint or photographs
should be dry. Photographs of children will only be displayed with signed consent from their parent/guardian.

Only work completed in the past five years will be accepted. Pieces that have already been displayed at the Gmeiner in group or regional shows will not be displayed again.
*The Gmeiner reserves the right to refuse any work.*

This is truly an open call for submissions. There is no fee to enter. We would love to see a child’s work displayed next to their grandparent’s artwork, amateurs next to
professionals. The goal of the Hometown Science Festival is to show individuals that science is in their lives every day. Our hope is that this exhibit will reinforce that
message and show viewers how art, science, and math can intersect to produce beautiful results.

For further information, go to the Gmeiner’s website at or contact Carrie at 570-724-1917 or [email protected].