By: Carrie Heath, February 17, 2024
Attention Student Artists! Start getting your pieces ready! The Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center will be hosting the annual student art exhibit again this March in the Main Gallery. It is open to any student in grades 7-12 in eastern Potter county, all of Tioga County, and western Bradford County in public, private or homeschool. Each student
may submit two pieces. Artwork must be original. Copies of published works or anyone else’s art are not acceptable. Two-dimensional pieces need to either be framed or
mounted on a board/construction paper. The maximum size for 2-dimensional work is 36 inches in any direction. Sculptural and ceramic work must fit through a 6’x8’ doorway and weigh less than 70 pounds. Digital work is a possibility. Please contact the director to discuss.

There is an entry form that must be filled out for each piece in the exhibit. Forms can be completed ahead of time by requesting one from the director, or when the work is
dropped off. Artwork must be hand-delivered to and picked up from the Gmeiner at 134 Main Street, Wellsboro, PA 16901. Students, their families, or teachers can drop off
work at the Gmeiner between the hours of 12-6PM on Friday, March 1st or from 3-6PM on Monday, March 4th.

We ask that our young artists do not submit works that are incomplete, still wet, broken, etc.

The exhibit will open on Saturday, March 10th with a reception from 2-4PM to celebrate all of the students’ work. There will be light refreshments available for attendees. Student artists and their families are encouraged to attend! The exhibit will then be open to the public during the Gmeiner’s normal operating hours of 12-6PM every day but Monday until the last day of the exhibit, March 30th. Students and teachers will be able to pick up artwork on Monday, April 1st from 12-6PM and Tuesday, April 2nd from 3-6PM.

For more details or any questions, please contact Carrie Heath, the Director of the Gmeiner at 570-724-1917 or [email protected]. More information
can be found on our website as well:



By: Carrie Heath, February 17, 2024

Local woodworkers – would you like the chance to exhibit your work in a beautiful gallery environment? The Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center will host a woodworking exhibit again this April in the Main Gallery. It is open to any adult woodworker who resides within 150 miles of the Gmeiner. Artists must apply with the director for acceptance into the show by sending their name, age, contact information, a general description of the items that will be on display, and at least one photo of the artist’s work that will be included in the exhibit. Woodworking artists must contact the director by Tuesday, March 12 th at 6PM to reserve a space in the show. For complete details on how to enter, please see our website at:

Artists will be notified of their acceptance into the exhibit by Tuesday, March 19 th at 6PM.

Works submitted must be original in design. Collaborative works are acceptable. They must be at least 50% wood. Pieces must have been completed in the last 5 years
(created after April 1, 2019). Work previously exhibited at the Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center is not eligible for this display. Each artist who is accepted into the exhibit will be
given a space of 4’ x 4’ by 12’ high to display their work. If the woodworker makes larger work such as furniture or large sculptures, please contact the director at 570-724-1917 or [email protected] to discuss how much space is needed.



By: Carrie Heath, January 9, 2024
ATTENTION LOCAL ARTISTS AND ART LOVERS! Since last year’s auction to benefit the Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center was such a success, Art’s Friends have decided to
make this an annual event. In order to have an auction, though, we need your art! If you are an artist OR if you have artwork in your home collection that you no longer need, we
would love to have it! We are accepting all forms of art – photographs, drawings, paintings, drawings, sculptures, fiber arts, ceramics, quilts, handmade jewelry, glass
pieces, scratchboard, pastels, fine woodworking, etc.

If you have a new or old item in good condition to donate, please reach out to the Art’s Friends auction committee at [email protected] or (856) 371-5112or Carrie
Heath, the director of the Gmeiner. We will have official drop off days on Tuesday, March 26 th from 4-6 PM and Wednesday, March 27 th from 12-6PM. However, we can
accept artwork from now until March 27 th . Donors will be required to fill out a donation form. The Gmeiner is a 501c3 organization, so donations are tax deductible, but the
Gmeiner cannot provide an estimate of value. The Gmeiner is open from 12-6PM Tuesdays through Sundays and is located at 134 Main Street in Wellsboro behind the
Green Free Library. For further information contact Carrie at 570-724-1917 or [email protected].

The wonderful folks at Jelliff’s Auction Group are kindly donating their services again this year to provide a platform for the auction. To kick off the month-long online auction,
the donated art will be in display in the Main Gallery of the Gmeiner from 12-6PM on Saturday, April 6 th and Sunday, April 7 th . Members of Art’s Friends will be available to
help guests learn how to use the online auction system. The auction will conclude on Wednesday, May 1 st .

With the many wonderful art pieces that were donated last year by members of clubs that meet at the Gmeiner, area artists, former exhibitors, and local art owners, Art’s
Friends exceeded their goal of covering the Gmeiner’s expenses for a summer art camp for kids. We were able to also sponsor art classes, purchase art supplies for art
takeaway packets for children, and provide iPads to allow the Gmeiner to offer digital art classes. Art’s Friends are hoping to continue raising lots of funds to support all the great
programs for the community at the Gmeiner. Your donation will help us make this year’s auction a great success!

Foundation Announces 2024 Competitive Grant Rounds

Community Giving Foundation is pleased to announce 2024 competitive grant rounds are now open. Grant rounds include opportunities through Berwick, Bloomsburg, Danville, Selinsgrove, and Sunbury affiliate foundations. The process opens January 2nd and closes February 29th.

To be eligible to receive a grant, an organization must hold a 501(c)(3) nonprofit status or be a governmental organization. All grants must benefit the residents and communities within the defined service areas. Individuals are not eligible to apply. If your organization is physically located outside of the service area, you may still apply if you will be serving residents within the service area. Visit for more information.

Grant applications will be completed and submitted through a web-based program. To access the application process, select “Grant Site Login” here. Additional information regarding grant guidelines and service areas are also available. Applications must be submitted online by 11:59pm on February 29, 2024.

If you have questions regarding the grant process, please contact Karri Harter, Grant and Scholarship Administrator, at [email protected] or 570-752-3930 ext. 6.

Susquehanna Valley Youth Chorale (SVYC) Looking for New Singers

Do you LOVE to SING or know a young singer who would like to be a part of an amazing experience? 
The SVYC offers excellence in choral instruction to singers grades 2-12.

Youth singers, in grades 2 up to and including grade 12, are welcome to audition for the Susquehanna Valley Youth Chorale (SVYC). Auditions are held to better understand your child’s level of singing ability. Auditions will be held on Saturday, January 20 from 10 am-12 noon and Monday, January 22 from 6 pm-8 pm at Sharon Lutheran Church, 120 S. Market St., in Selinsgrove. The first youth rehearsal will take place on January 29 at the same location.

To schedule an audition, please contact Coleen Renshaw at 570-765-0637 or [email protected].

The Susquehanna Valley Youth Chorale began in 1993 and has served many children of the Susquehanna Valley. There have been different concert venues over the years and children worked under the direction of 6 different directors.

Our youth program complements school music programs, giving talented youth singers the opportunity to sing and perform at an advanced level with other highly motivated singers from the Susquehanna Valley. Our singers enjoy learning more about music, improving their musicality, making new friends and presenting a concert for the community.



By: Carrie Heath, September 20, 2023
The Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center and the Hometown Science Festival announce an open call for local artists to participate in the November Atrium exhibit, “The Golden
Ratio: Where Math, Art, and Nature Intersect.” Artists of all ages and levels of experience may enter one piece in any medium which shows their interpretation of the Golden Ratio. Drop-off for artwork is Thursday, November 2 from 12-6PM. The exhibit will be on display from November 4-26th.

What is the Golden Ratio? The Golden Ratio is a proportion of 1 to 1.618. Take a line and divide it into two parts – a long part (a) and a short part (b). The entire length (a + b)
divided by (a) is equal to (a) divided by (b). And both of those numbers equal 1.618. So, (a + b) divided by (a) equals 1.618, and (a) divided by (b) also equals 1.618. It may be
easier to think of a rectangle with a square inside it. The sides of the square are equal to the shortest length of the rectangle. These squares and rectangles can be placed
together in a pattern radiating out from a center point. Then, if you draw an arch from one corner of each square to the far corner, you create a perfectly balanced spiral. This
shape may be familiar to you from fractals, flower petals, and seashells.

Where do we see the Golden Ratio? The Golden Ratio can be seen all over in nature – in the spiral of a fiddlehead fern, the swirling clouds of a hurricane, even the proportions
of our faces. Artists, architects, and product designers have used the golden ratio for centuries to create harmonic, pleasing designs like the Parthenon, the Mona Lisa, and
even the Apple logo! Many websites use this proportion as the basis for their designs.

Rules for Entries:
Entries must relate to the theme of the Golden Ratio. All 2-dimensional work should be able to be hung on the wall. Any 3-dimensional pieces should be stable enough to sit on
a flat surface without support. Artists will need to fill out a form with their contact information when they drop off their artwork, and will be expected to pick up their
artwork at the end of the exhibit.

Exhibits at The Gmeiner are not insured, so artwork is displayed at the artist’s risk.

Please ensure that your work is ready for display by the drop-off date. All pieces should be signed and dated, and they should have the title on the back. Paint or photographs
should be dry. Photographs of children will only be displayed with signed consent from their parent/guardian.

Only work completed in the past five years will be accepted. Pieces that have already been displayed at the Gmeiner in group or regional shows will not be displayed again.
*The Gmeiner reserves the right to refuse any work.*

This is truly an open call for submissions. There is no fee to enter. We would love to see a child’s work displayed next to their grandparent’s artwork, amateurs next to
professionals. The goal of the Hometown Science Festival is to show individuals that science is in their lives every day. Our hope is that this exhibit will reinforce that
message and show viewers how art, science, and math can intersect to produce beautiful results.

For further information, go to the Gmeiner’s website at or contact Carrie at 570-724-1917 or [email protected].