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Upcoming Visual Arts Events


FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2023 AT 5 PM – 8 PM
The Exchange

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2023 AT 5 PM – 8 PM
The Exchange


More progress in The Avenue today, courtesy of WTC Contracting: The greenscreens have gone up; within a day or four, they will have planters under them (we await the custom-made steel supports), and soon we will get some climbing vines into them.

This means that in addition to incipient art, we have incipient greenery in our new parklet!

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2023 AT 7 PM – 8:30 PM
The Exchange


September 28 – October 21:
Scribble Clouds
by Vince Hron
Reception: October 7, 6-8pm

September (Fair Week) TBA:
Holiday Card ‘Print’ Shop
with Ashley Lopez

September 30:
*Wine & Paint, 5:30 – 8pm
with Stephanie Briggs

October 29:
*Figure Session, 3-5pm

November 2 – End of the Year:
The Print Show
Reception: TBA

November 12:
*Figure Session, 3-5pm

November TBA:
Holiday Market at The Grind

December 10:
*Figure Session, 3-5pm

*Seat reservations will become available for purchase on our website
the month they are scheduled.


👻 FM Static Presents: Halloween Noir 🦇

Oct 7, 6:30PM
VIP 9:30PM-10:30PM
Spooky Soiree | Costume Contest | Burlesque
$20 Advance | $25 @ Door | $35 VIP
Email Arcane Noir for tickets: [email protected]

✍ Writing Workshop 📜
Wednesdays, Oct 11-Nov 8, 6PM-9PM
Plot & Narrative | Character Development | $120
Read some class examples on the blog >>
Email Michael to sign up: [email protected]


🤘 FM Static Presents: Metal Show 🤘
Monday, Oct 16, 6:30PM
ENOX | Escape Artist | Contours | Who They Fear
$12 in Advance | $15 @ Door
Email for tickets: [email protected]

🧘‍♀️ Embark Yoga with Dawn 🧘‍♂️
Oct 7, 14, 28, 8AM
Third Floor Sanctuary | $15

Joanne Landis

September 7th – December 9th, 2023
MAB is pleased to present MORTALby Joanne Landis.

I am a storyteller – A narrative painter.

Please note the gallery is closed for maintenance. Check the website and Facebook page of the organizer for any updates. 

“My figures, mostly women, are often meditations on archetypes, myth, or personal experience. This allows me to build an environment inhabited by beings with all that it means to be human, alive, and still in a dream.”

Please join us Thursday, September 7th from 6 – 8 pm to celebrate the opening of MORTAL, with light refreshments and the opportunity to meet the artist.
No RSVP required.
Free and open to the public.


Artists & Artisans – A Cooperative Gallery

229 Market St.
Lewisburg, PA 17837


Paul Villinski: Soaring

September 09 – November 26

416 Market Street, Lewisburg, PA 17837

Paul Villinski infuses discarded everyday objects like leather belts, bottles, crushed aluminum beer cans, kitchen knives, and vinyl LP records with new identities, stories, and meaning. The resulting assemblage sculptures are vehicles of self-discovery that celebrate the human experience.


Facing The Giant – 3 Decades of Dissent: Shepard Fairey

August 22 – December 03

Top floor, Elaine Langone Center on the campus of Bucknell University
701 Moore Avenue, Lewisburg, PA 17837

Coming out of punk, skate, and street culture, Shepard Fairey’s graphic design has become synonymous with the art of protest in the 21st century. From André the Giant stickers to the OBEY fashion empire, Facing the Giant presents Fairey’s work from the last 30 years featuring key works that highlight messages of empowerment.

This exhibition was organized by the Landau Traveling Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA, in association with OBEY GIANT ART. 


Art in Bars: John Ryan Brewery

Thursday, October 12, 6:30 p.m.
151 E 3rd St, Williamsport, PA 17701

We bring the art, John Ryan Brewery brings the beer, and you bring the conversation. Join the Samek Art Museum in our favorite event – Art in Bars – during this event, we try to match different beers with artworks from the Samek Collection. Tickets are $15.00 at the door and cover your beer tasting. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., and the activity starts at 7 p.m.


Kress Collection

August 22 – December 03

Top floor, Elaine Langone Center on the campus of Bucknell University
701 Moore Avenue, Lewisburg, PA 17837

The Samek Art Museum received 23 Renaissance and Medieval artworks from the Kress Foundation in 1961. Samuel H. Kress knew that many Americans would never have the chance to see paintings like the ones he had collected. The Samek is the only museum in the area to host this number of Renaissance artworks at no cost to the public.




  • Oct-6th Music: Family Ties

Lycoming Arts Gallery 2023 (AIN)
Featured Artists – Opening Receptions 5pm-7pm












Pulitzer Prize-winning Poet

Rita Dove
Monday, September 25, 7.30 PM
Trogner Presentation Room
Krapf Gateway Center





In the Gallery

Form & Function
September 1 – October 28 / Details →
From the Sessions
November 4 – 18 / Details →


Art News From Around the World

Hundertwasser Toilets

Kawakawa, New Zealand

Modern art meets modern convenience in possibly the world’s most architecturally important public bathroom. 


Artist Who Pocketed Banknotes From His Own Artwork Loses Court Case

The Kunsten Museum gave Jens Haaning $80K to incorporate into a new artwork, but the artist said “it is only a piece of art if I don’t return the money.”


Selfie-Seeking Tourist Damages Neptune Statue in Italy

It’s the latest in a slew of incidents concerning tourists trespassing on historic landmarks and cultural heritage sites across the country.


Museum Lifts Ban on Photographing Picasso’s “Guernica”

You can now take a picture of the famous work at Madrid’s Museo Reina Sofía, but don’t even think about using a selfie stick.


Keith Haring Saw the Future in His Art

To sit with Haring’s expansive artworks is to travel back in time and understand that the world of the 1980s is not so far from today’s.

A Brief History of Women’s Eyebrows in Art

Since antiquity, women’s eyebrows have been sites of intense scrutiny, constantly shifting between trend cycles.

El Sueño Original

The largest mural in the world painted by a single artist.  

Aren’t Gonna Sell Themselves

Paddy Johnson talks to experts about common mistakes that hinder an artist’s career and sales.

AI-Generated Artwork Not Eligible for Copyright, Judge Rules

The ruling argued that “human authorship is a bedrock requirement of copyright.”

From Brooklyn to the Bronx in 36 Paintings

Stipan Tadić rode the D train back and forth for a year, retracing the route countless times in search of scenes for his series of New York cityscapes.

Artists Get Inside the “Glitch”

The glitch, perhaps, is that we thought technology, the earth, and the spirit were all separate things when really they all glide together.

Arizona City to Restore Exhibition Series After Censorship Backlash

But it is unclear whether the Mesa Arts Center’s shows will include the Shepard Fairey anti-police artwork that the City of Mesa had asked to withdraw.

Innovative Abstract Painter Brice Marden Dies at 84

Marden, who would often work and rework a painting for years, pushed abstraction in a new direction.

7 New Art Books We’re Reading This August

Add a few new titles to your art reading list this month, including a Whitfield Lovell catalogue, a guide to making your own paint out of plants, and much more.

The Art, Politics, and Pleasures of Food

While a trip to the grocery store is now a mundane act, in 17th-century Europe, accessing global foods was still a new concept.

10 Questions for an Artist Who Grows Her Own Pigments

Ellie Irons explains how she mindfully harvests plants and transforms them into paints, a labor of love detailed in her how-to guide Feral Hues.

I Love You Wall

Paris’ linguistic guide to the international language of, yes, love. 

Can AI Help Find the Children of Argentina’s Desaparecidos?

AI images depict what the children born in captivity to victims of the dictatorship might look like today, but some have concerns about the tool’s limitations.

Fluorescent Rocks of Sterling Hill Mine

Ogdensburg, New Jersey

Hundreds of glow-in-the-dark objects light up a museum in a historic zinc mine. 


A never-was painter takes Manhattan

Artist Gary Tyler, Wrongly Incarcerated for 41 Years, Gets First Solo Show 

Tyler was put on death row at age 17 after a trial that was later deemed “unconstitutional” and “unfair.”

A Brief History of Art in the Hudson Valley

From Native crafts to the influence of Augusta Savage to Kate Millet’s Art Colony for Women, the history of the region goes far beyond the River School.

Miniature Artist’s Tiny Monet Reunited With Original 

Peruvian artist Ana Sofía Casaverde visited the National Gallery of Art to see Monet’s “Woman With a Parasol,” an artwork she painstakingly copied with a needle.

Artists Accuse Fashion Brand Shein of Using AI to Steal Their Designs

Three artists filed suit against the fast-fashion company, claiming Shein employs a “byzantine shell game of corporate structure” in order to skirt legal consequences.

Angelina Jolie Takes Over Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Former NYC Studio

The building at 57 Great Jones Street where the artist lived and worked, which has been on the market for $60K/month, will house the new Atelier Jolie.

The Doctor Who Inspired Van Gogh’s Final Paintings

Near the end of his life, Dr. Gachet urged van Gogh to resume painting because through his art he would find ways of unburdening himself.

Artists Denounce Supreme Court’s Ruling on Affirmative Action

Cultural workers and institutions are sharing their reactions to the decision, which makes it unlawful for colleges to consider race as a factor in admissions.

Pope Francis Hosts Contemporary Artists at the Vatican

The pope embraced art that questions traditional narratives, a marked shift from his condemnation of León Ferrari’s “blasphemous” sculpture decades ago.

The Fight to Preserve Denver’s Chicano Murals

The city’s murals are more than cultural aesthetics; they are living texts, a multimodal composition based on tlacuilolitztli, the Aztec concept of writing.

Texas City Apologizes for Arrest of Chalk Artist

Lakey Hinson, who was detained for drawing on the sidewalk, lamented that “chalk art can get you arrested quicker than open carrying a firearm.”

In NYC Protest, Activists Tell Meta to Stop Deleting Art

In a daylong action on June 15, a group of organizers leafletted five Manhattan art institutions before protesting outside Meta’s offices in Noho.

Banksy To Open “Cut and Run” @ Gallery of Modern Art , Glasgow—His First Solo Show in Over a Decade

Gallery of Modern Art , Glasgow // June 18, 2023 – August 28, 2023

Art History’s Most Controversial Nudes

The nude figure as a subject has been a battleground issue for as long as it’s been a staple of fine art.

What makes a great movie poster?

An acclaimed poster designer weighs in on artwork for The FlashOppenheimer, and more—and reveals his favorite poster of all time (hint: it’s from 1968!)

Art Problems: How to Work With Terrible People?

There’s no shortage of difficult people in the art world. Paddy Johnson offers tips on how to successfully deal with them.

Computer Art With a Human Touch

An exhibition of early computer art shows that artists working with early-stage technologies make their best work by combining old and new techniques.

Michelangelo’s “David” Deemed Too Explicit for Subway Ad

Just weeks after the Florida school debacle, an Italian restaurant in Scotland had to edit out the marble statue’s crotch.

Otis College Thesis Shows Make Art School Look Cool

Humorous rug sculptures, Wabi Sabi-inspired ceramics, and nods to ChatGPT stood out in the MFA and BFA exhibitions.

Adorable Pup Found Hidden in Picasso Painting

X-ray fluorescence of the artist’s “Le Moulin de la Galette” (1900) has revealed a little brown dog with a red bow under layers of paint.

The New York Neon Shop That Became Legendary

Let There Be Neon in Tribeca made a name for itself as an essential resource for artists, from Keith Haring to Laurie Anderson.

Feeling Down? Here Are the Best Bob Ross Pep Talks

All 403 episodes of The Joy of Painting are on YouTube. Here are five of the most inspiring installments.

A New Photography Fair Bets on Classics and AI

NYC’s Photofairs gathers over 150 artists with an expansive range of work, from collage and video installations to art books and even generative displays.

Stolen Van Gogh Painting Returned in IKEA Bag

“The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring” was confidentially handed off to Dutch art detective Arthur Brand this week.

Who Did This to Basquiat’s Old Manhattan Studio?

Someone painted the facade of the historic building with Pepto-Bismol pink; now, it’s Angelina Jolie’s problem.

Meow Wolf Convergence Station

A multiversal transit station located right below a highway interchange. 

The Dark Side of Van Gogh’s Cypress Trees

The challenge at the heart of Van Gogh’s Cypresses is that the trees carried associations in the late 19th century that are lost on us today.

Did a Shoe Campaign Copy a Felix Gonzalez-Torres Artwork?

Some think the similarities between Kith’s new ad and the artist’s iconic “Untitled (Portrait of Ross in L.A.)” (1991) are too striking to be accidental.

The Art Biz ep. 159: How Do Artists Make Money?

A Moving Meditation on Mortality in Brice Marden’s Late Paintings

What I see as his late period reveals an artist who knows that change is inevitable, that mortality is hurrying closer, and that art is not a bulwark against time.

The Black History of the Montgomery Brawl Folding Chair

The folding chair — a design of which was patented by a Black American inventor — has emerged as an iconic motif of the viral scene.

Play Dress-Up at the Met Museum With New AR App

Using the Replica app, users can track down artworks at the museum and turn them into digitized wearable items, like a Van Gogh straw hat and a Corinthian warrior helmet.

Maybe Some Artists Don’t Make It For a Reason

Make Me Famous, a new documentary about East Village artist Edward Brezinski, does little to prove that its subject should have risen to the top.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Making an Illuminated Manuscript

At the Morgan Library in New York, an unfinished manuscript from 1400s France can teach us how Medieval artists crafted their exquisitely detailed works.

Strange Art Goes Missing From Beetlejuice 2 Set

Police say thieves stole one of the film’s iconic abstract sculptures and a lamppost with a “distinctive pumpkin decoration.”


Approach the making of the wall labels you place next to your artwork with thoughtfulness and common sense.

In a Queens Mini-Mall, an Unlikely Art Show Brings Locals Together

Home-o-Stasis is a community-driven exhibition about the lives and landmarks that make up Flushing’s unique ecosystem.

Outcry After Smithsonian Cancels Asian American Literature Festival

Over 1,000 artists and writers have signed a letter demanding the “immediate resignation” of Asian Pacific American Center Acting Director Yao-Fen You.

The Complicated Legacy of Barbie in Art

Long before Greta Gerwig’s movie, artists were critiquing Barbie’s influence on women — and Mattel wasn’t happy.

What to See at New York’s 2023 Upstate Art Weekend

Giant outdoor sculpture, tiny miniature art, and a “rebellious circus troupe” are among the many surprises in store for visitors to the upcoming event.

How Did Stan Lee Become the Face of Marvel?

A new documentary adds nothing to the historical record or collective conversation on Lee, but does work to bolster the man’s mythology.

The Sheer Love and Joy of Alice Neel’s Pet Portraits

Cats, dogs, and a parrot with a personality are among the works on view in Alice Neel: Feels Like Home at the Orange County Museum of Art.

Every Dog Has Its Portrait

A little like dogs themselves, Portraits of Dogs at the Wallace Collection is a complimentary companion piece to the human story.

A Peek Into London’s Newly Reopened National Portrait Gallery

After a three-year, $52M renovation, the museum hopes a more diverse artwork offering will draw visitors, but many challenges lie ahead.

Berlin Museum Covers Rembrandt as Heavy Rains Hit Germany

A visitor to the Gemäldegalerie today noticed “a leaky ceiling” and one of the Dutch painter’s canvases protected by a plastic sheet.

See the 25-Foot-Long “Reclining Liberty” Statue Before It Leaves NYC

Artist Zaq Landsberg’s sculpture is spending its final city days in Brooklyn before it heads to Virginia’s Museum of Contemporary Art Arlington.

Finally, a Movie That Understands the Lives of Artists

Showing Up, directed by Kelly Reichardt, uniquely tells a story of an artist working far from any monetary goals or God complex.

Is Your Organization Adequately Paying Artists?

W.A.G.E., which offers certifications for institutions based on their artist compensation, has launched a new platform and updated guidelines.

The Big Picture

A criticism of the AI art set

Donkey Kong Mural

A real-life hidden Easter Egg in New Hampshire’s capital city 

Radiotron, the ’80s Youth Center That Shaped LA’s Hip-Hop Scene

A new exhibition curated by Radiotron founder Carmelo Alvarez explores the organization’s influence on graffiti and breakdancing in the West Coast.

Beautiful Works for an Ugly Climate Reality

Upon entering Rajni Perera’s show, surprise, shock, and shortness of breath are felt.

Bob Ross’s First On-Air Painting Could Fetch Nearly $10M

“A Walk in the Woods” (1983) was the first of 1,000 artworks created during the artist’s The Joy of Painting television show that ran on PBS for 11 years.

Incredible Photo of JetBlue Flight Passing Over Blue Supermoon

Pair Up

A place for creatives to find and offer their time to others with the goal of sharing, learning and problem solving with each other.


Emerging California Gallerists See a Bright Future

In the wake of COVID-19, California’s art world is finally experiencing a surge of optimism, resulting in a host of emerging gallerists and new galleries.


World’s Largest Collection of Smallest Versions of Largest Things

A unique attraction and museum dedicated to exploring iconic roadside structures. 


What Today’s Museums Can Learn From Van Gogh

Van Gogh and his cohorts were actively searching for new means to translate modern culture. Why aren’t we taking risks?


Artist’s Murals Depicting Slavery Can Be Covered Up, Judge Says

A court ruled against artist Sam Kerson, who sued the Vermont Law School under the 1990 Visual Artists Right Act.


Can a Mother Devote Her Life to Art?

JoAnna Novak is five months pregnant when she decides to spend 18 days in the small town of Taos, New Mexico, to immerse herself in Agnes Martin’s life and work.


The Only Good Part of NFTs Is Being Phased Out

OpenSea, the second largest NFT trading platform, announced that it will stop enforcing mandatory artist fees — a feature that drew many to the space.


The “Sexy” Seagull Sculpture That Scandalized a Coastal City

Donna Dodson’s “Seagull Cinderella” is returning for public display again in New Bedford, Massachusetts, reigniting old concerns about the “bird with boobs.”


10 Outdoor Art Experiences in New York City

From a peaceful sculpture garden to an immersible installation, these city-wide artworks, parks, and activities are the perfect way to enjoy the last month of summer.


No More Selfies at Chicago’s “Bean” Until 2024

The city began maintenance on the Grainger Plaza that surrounds the iconic sculpture on August 15.


The Many Lives of a Purell Bottle

In Purell Night & Day, Susan Chen focuses on the ubiquitous hand sanitizer, a reminder of the isolation we experienced during the lockdown.


When Does Art Make Monsters of Its Fans?

In her new book, Claire Dederer confronts the art that’s made her who she is and the anger, guilt, and love she feels toward flawed artists (including herself).


The comedian, who had been battling cancer privately for six years, brought pure weirdo joy to children and adults alike


Los Angeles Artists Find Community in Mysticism

The city’s complex history of capital and violence is what makes the intersection of art and magic so potent, opening doors for healing and reparations.


Artists Call on Congress to Stop “Bad Internet Bills”

Members of the Don’t Delete Art movement and anti-censorship groups are asking creatives to speak out against bills they say would increase web surveillance and censor marginalized artists.


An Original Artist in a World of Copies

Tom Burckhardt is a conceptual artist who has never defined himself as one because he knows the label is limiting.


Art Galleries Are Not Reviving a “Desolate” LA Neighborhood

The area misleadingly dubbed “Melrose Hill,” where many art spaces are opening new outposts, is exceptionally diverse and notably dense.


What Do We Do with the Work of Immoral Artists?

Where should we “draw the line” between sacrificing great art and supporting artists who are predators and bigots?


After Restoration, NYC’s Astor Place Cube Spins Again

The nearly one-ton sculpture was taken off view in May for some much-needed repairs.


Contemporary Art Museum Plant Vegetables in Its Yard?

For critics, the now-removed vegetable garden symbolized the museum’s decades-long decline.


Did the Brooklyn Public Library Close for a Private Jay-Z Event?

Visitors to the main branch today were disappointed to find the space closed for a “special event,” which some speculate might involve Jay-Z and Beyoncé.


The Brooklyn Artist Revitalizing New York, One Flyer At a Time

Max Kolomatsky has amassed a TikTok following for his redesigns of street posters and signs for local residents and small businesses.


12 Art Shows to See in Philadelphia This Summer

The City of Brotherly Love has a lot to offer this summer with shows by Terence Nance, Heather Ujiie, Henry Taylor, and much more.


11 Art Books to Add to Your Reading List This Summer

Our staff and contributors recommend titles for your next artsy summer read, including writings by Philip Guston and Sophie Calle, musings on slime, and a mystery novel set at The Met Cloisters.


Can Art Change Attitudes Toward Climate Change?

A study found that people who viewed climate data in the form of an artwork were less likely to lean on their preconceived notions.


Climate Protesters Target Monet Painting in Sweden

Activists smeared red paint on “The Artist’s Garden at Giverny” (1900) at the Nationalmuseum, warning that landscapes like the one depicted will “soon be a thing of the past.”


Former Popcorn Factory Becomes Video Exhibition Space in San Francisco

The inaugural exhibition at Minnesota Street Project Foundation’s new space features Richard Mosse’s video installation on Amazon deforestation.


AI-Generated “Impossible Statue” Is a Dispassionate Steel Mess

The sculpture, based on AI analysis of works by Michelangelo, Rodin, Käthe Kollwitz, Takamura Kotaro, and Augusta Savage, would make a great hood ornament for Elon Musk’s next venture into space.


We Tried Photoshop’s New AI Tool on Art, With Mixed Results

The “Generative Fill” function lets you extend any image background and make other modifications, but even robots need art history lessons.


Are We Asking Too Much of Public Art?

We want public art to interrogate social injustices, fill us with love and joy, and brush aside human flaws, but it rarely ever lives up to these expectations.


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UK Artists Underpaid for Public Art, Report Finds

The grassroots advocacy group Industria found that artists working in the public sector earned a median hourly rate of just £2.60 ($3.25).


For Decades, ‘The Simpsons’ Has Made Surprisingly Incisive Observations About Art. Here Are 4 That Still Resonate Today

The long-running sitcom has such wise lessons on the art world, it ought to be on art school curricula.


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