The Bradford County Tourism Promotion Agency, in partnership with the Bradford County Regional Arts Council, is looking for local artists to help with a new mural project.

A Mural has been designed for the historic Train Car (Merrill Parkway side) showcasing the abundant history of Bradford County and moving through the years to present day. The mural has been months in the making showcasing the many great assets of the County.

To date, we have 9 of the 23 canvases that are ready to be painted and we need your help! It is a “paint by number” type of style and is suitable for any young adult and up, wishing to help regardless of artistic abilities.

Painting sessions are Monday through Thursday from 4-7:30/8 at the Enterprise Center in Sayre, PA. All supplies are provided but please come dressed appropriately.

If you’d like to reserve a spot (maximum 12 people) for your local civic organization, chamber of commerce, school group, museum, business department, please email [email protected] or call 570.265.8687 for additional questions. Painting sessions are on a first come, first serve basis.

Help be a part of this project that showcases the County we are so proud to call home.

Bloomsburg Children’s Museum Receives $1,000 to Support New “Farm to Table” Exhibit, Part of Larger Health Exhibit

Bloomsburg Children’s Museum Receives $1,000 to Support New “Farm to Table” Exhibit, Part of Larger Health Exhibit

The Columbia County Farm Bureau in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau has donated $1,000 to support the Bloomsburg Children’s Musuem’s “Farm to Table” exhibit interactive. The interactive is part of the Museum’s new health exhibit, titled “The Superpower of You,” which is slated to open in the Spring of 2021. The Farm to Table interactive takes visitors on a journey to learn where their food comes from, why fresh food is an important part of your diet, and why sustainable agriculture is vital to our community.
“There will be a lot of content within the exhibit to help all our visitors make the connection between the food we eat and how food can affect positive health outcomes,” Dr. Ginny Weibel, Museum Director said. “Understanding and appreciating where your food comes from is the first step in creating a healthy diet.”
James Levan, President of the Columbia County Farm Bureau commented on the need for educational opportunities that promote an understanding of the importance of agriculture. “Kids today are so far away from agriculture,” Levan said. “They don’t have an understanding of what farming is. Some kids have never been on a farm at all.”
The new interactive at the Museum features a farm tractor photo op, a farmers market where kids can shop for items to make a healthy meal, and a kitchen table where visitors can play a game about nutrition.
Photo (left to right): Charlie Porter, Farm Bureau Board Member, Ginny Weibel, Children’s Museum Director, Karen Chapin, Farm Bureau Secretary/Treasurer, James Levan, Columbia County Farm Bureau President. James Levan hands Ginny Weibel the donation in support
of the “Farm to Table” exhibit interactive at the Bloomsburg Children’s Museum.
Weis Center to Offer Free Virtual Performance that Honors Front Line Workers

Weis Center to Offer Free Virtual Performance that Honors Front Line Workers

The Weis Center for the Performing Arts at Bucknell University will offer a virtual performance of This is Me: Letters From the Front Lines created by DIAVOLO dance company from February 24-March 2. The contemporary dance film performance is 35 minutes and will be available on an unlimited basis throughout the viewing period.

The engagement is sponsored, in part, by Evangelical Community Hospital and Geisinger.

The virtual performance is free thanks to the generosity of sponsors, but registration is required by calling the Campus Box Office at 570-577-1000 or online at

The performance is dedicated to all of the veterans for their service, commitment and sacrifice and to all of our COVID-19 first responders for their dedication, selflessness, resilience and heroism.

Patrons are encouraged to view a 30 minute pre-taped pre-performance panel discussion with the following distinguished guests:

  • Jacques Heim, Founder & Artistic Director, DIAVOLO | Architecture in Motion ®
  • France Nguyen Vincent, Writer and dramaturg of This Is Me
  • David Rovnyak, Bucknell University Professor of Chemistry and Bucknell/Geisinger liaison
  • Marie C. Pizzorno, Bucknell University Associate Professor of Biology and Cell Biology/Biochemistry
  • Frederick Weiss, MD, DPT, RMSK, Geisinger
  • Kendra Aucker, President & CEO, Evangelical Community Hospital
  • B. James Connolly, MD, Medical Director of Emergency Services, Evangelical Community Hospital

The panelists discuss the origins and process of filming This is Me, the mental, physical and emotional impacts of COVID-19 on front line workers in Central PA, and the history of the development of the COVID-19 vaccines, among other riveting topics.

Jacques Heim says of the pandemic, “As artists, we had to do something. For me, it’s not about creating another dance piece, but rather celebrating the amazing men and women who sacrifice themselves for us.”

France Nguyen Vincent says, “Each person in the film was asked to write about themselves and their experience. Ninety-eight percent of what you hear in the performance was written [by first responders and front line workers] and was untouched…it became a catharsis for them.”

Kendra Aucker says, “The volumes of people we’re caring for compared to normal is significant. This is something no one can imagine and no one can prepare for. The mental health challenges are showing up in the workforce, and COVID has revealed the tremendous problems that we have with access to behavioral health services for all people…especially in healthcare. We ask ourselves daily how are our people doing [and how can we support them].”

Dr. Fred Weiss says, “[COVID has hit every aspect of health and wellness]…physical, emotional, mental, moral, spiritual, social. The toll that it’s taken on a lot of friends and family…I’ve had friends who have died. A lot of the people who have contracted the disease are the front line people; the front line are dying. They are literally putting their lives at risk on a minute to minute basis…”

Dr. James Connolly says, “This is not the same as combat, but it has a similar feel. This has probably been the hardest thing I can imagine doing as a physician. There have been a lot of people in the community who have been tremendously supportive, but there have been a lot of people who haven’t and that has been so hard to deal with…Trying to convince people that this is real and we need to take it serious.”

Professor Marie C. Pizzorno says, “This is the third novel coronavirus to have jumped from animal species to humans in the last twenty years. This new virus is much more contagious. Bats maintain a population of their own coronaviruses and some have the capacity to jump to humans.” Pizzorno notes that the COVID-19 vaccines in development build on decades of coronavirus research by scientists across the globe.

This is Me: Letters From the Front Lines is a dance film exploring how the current climate of isolation has encouraged us to look within ourselves. We follow the paths of military veterans and first responders as they share what it means to be a true warrior – to be on the front lines – and fight the invisible enemy that all humanity is currently battling. At a time when most have been asked to halt and withdraw, others, like soldiers, are charging forward.

This is Me: Letters From the Front Lines captures the resilience, determination and hope of the human spirit.

DIAVOLO is a creative movement production company that pushes the envelope of innovation by creating unique live & cinematic experiences. Using custom-made architectural structures, DIAVOLO intersects storytelling, movement and architecture with an inventive and visceral approach.

The virtual performance is free thanks to the generosity of sponsors, but registration is required by calling the Campus Box Office at 570-577-1000 or online at

For more information about this Weis Center Stream and others, go to or search for the Weis Center on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

JP Williams Blues Band ft. Ekat Pereyra  New CD “JP & Ekat” will help reshape the BLUES in 2021

JP Williams Blues Band ft. Ekat Pereyra  New CD “JP & Ekat” will help reshape the BLUES in 2021

Scranton, PA, Release: February 15th, 2021

The JP Williams Blues Band have recorded their fifth commercial CD album entitled “JP & Ekat”, this time featuring the amazing vocalist Ekat Pereyra  It is comprised of features nine original compositions by JP Williams and a special traditional blues song arrangement as a tribute to bluesman Lou  “Bud” Welch,

From the driving opening track, “Mighty Dangerous Boogie” (performed by JP on a handmade 4 string Hybrid Cigar Box Guitar), to the smooth sultry vocals of Ekat on the torch song, “Never Break This Heart”, this album showcases both the songwriting and masterful performances of the musicians comprising The JP Williams Blues Band.  It was recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic by the musicians using remote, individual tracks, limited studio time, and masterful assembly of all the parts by Recording Engineer Lou Pereyra, who together with JP Williams produced the final project.

Together they have worked hard to capture the strength and beauty of the music clearly, honestly, and with true emotion and excitement. The album announcement follows the recent release of the first single and the Youtube video from the album, “Mighty Dangerous Boogie”.

This successful collaboration spans three years in the making with JP Williams recording and performing with one of today’s most talented vocalists, Ekat Pereyra. She has consistently received high critical acclaim for her live performance work. As a songwriter JP is constantly looking for the best way to present his innovative words and music and is honored to have Ekat collaborate with him in these efforts. “JP & Ekat” features the incredible fruits of their labors. It is truly exciting to listen to the results.

The music on this CD reflects a wide sampling of Blues, Jazz & Folk music influences. In pre-release, the songs have already been very well received and are already earning airplay on many syndicated, terrestrial and internet radio stations around the world. A song, “Cigar Box Boogie” from JP Williams Blues Band previous CD. “Everblue” (with Ekat Pereyra) achieved a # 1 spot on the nationally recognized Roots Music Report Top 50 Blues Song Chart (Week of May 25th, 2019). The album finished ranked #43 on the RMR Top Blues Album Chart for the same year.


Winner Steamtown Music Awards

JP Williams Blues Band “Best Blues Act 2016”

Eddie The Harp (JP Williams Blues Band)- “Best Sideman 2018”


Contact & more detailed information: JP Williams

Press Kit :

Websites:​ m &​

Email: [email protected]​   Phone: 570-885-0101

What’s New and What’s Next for the Pocono Arts Council?

What’s New and What’s Next for the Pocono Arts Council?

The holiday store returned in 2020 and was a smashing success! We thank local business partner, The Olde Engine Works for providing space. Sixteen PoconoArts member artisans were represented. Future opportunities are in the works

We thank our members, friends, and partner organizations for helping PoconoArts weather the storms of 2020. A full slate of activities and events are planned for 2021 starting during downtown Stroudsburg’s Winterfest on Feb. 13. Summer festival planning is in full swing and our exhibition schedule is ready to help exhibiting artists plan ahead.

Future of the Arts-an important initiative has begun county wide to secure the Future of the Arts in our region. Community stakeholders are meeting regularly to plan and strategize how the arts will continue to enrich our lives in the Pocono region.

2021 Exhibition Schedule
For artists who like to plan ahead! All shows are open to all artists in any medium unless otherwise noted. All shows will have a virtual gallery component on Dates and activities subject to change based upon Covid-19 restrictions. Prospectus will be available approximately one month prior to the exhibition and can be found at

February/March: “Winter Wonderland” 2D exhibition; Pocono Cinema public gallery. (SIGN UP by calling the arts council office, limited to 15)

March/April: – Annual K-12 Student Show; Community Gallery, 701 Main St., Suite 402, Stroudsburg, PA

March/April: Group Exhibition-Open Call at Barrett Friendly Library, Mountainhome, PA

March/April: The Earth Speaks VII, Juried Show; Dunning Gallery, NCC-Monroe,Tannersville, PA

April: THEME: Voices of the Earth in Community Gallery

May-Annual Member’s Exhibition; Community Gallery, 701 Main St., Suite 402, Stroudsburg, PA

May 28-31-East Stroudsburg Artists-An Exhibition in honor of ES Boro’s 150th Anniversary Celebration, Historic Dansbury Depot, East Stroudsburg, PA limited to artists who reside or have resided in East Stroudsburg boro

June: “Kaleidoscope”-patterns and elements in constant change; Community Gallery, 701 Main St., Suite 402, Stroudsburg, PA

July: Fiber Arts-a celebration of fiber and fabric artists in our community; Community Gallery, 701 Main St., Suite 402, Stroudsburg, PA

August: THEME-Alla Prima Experience-Paint is applied wet on wet, and the work is completed all in one sitting. Sketch session will include a dancer and/or musician; completed work will be exhibited in the Community Gallery.

August 16-20: Children’s Fine Art Camp; date subject to change, location TBA

September: THEME-“Dramatic Light” Painting has a long tradition of playing with light, as both a subject and a tool, to create certain effects and elicit emotion. Community Gallery, 701 Main St., Stroudsburg, PA

October: Figurative Art-an exhibition of work created from life drawing sessions-dates, Sessions TBA

November: East Stroudsburg Borough’s 150th Anniversary Photography Show, Pocono Cinema Gallery, East Stroudsburg, PA

November: Annual Photography Show, Community Gallery, 701 Main St., Suite 402, Stroudsburg, PA.

November/December: Design Challenge-“Pocono Postcards”-depict favorite scenery in and around the Pocono Mountains. All mediums welcome. Only requirement: work must be able to fit through a letterbox.

November/December: Holiday Store-POPUP shop, location TBA

Treat your Valentine to a Singing Telegram from the Susquehanna Valley Chorale

Treat your Valentine to a Singing Telegram from the Susquehanna Valley Chorale

The Susquehanna Valley Chorale is pleased to offer singing telegrams in celebration of Valentine’s Day from Monday, Feb. 8 through Sunday, Feb. 14.

Telegrams are the perfect gift for friends, family members and loved ones who “seem to have everything.” The telegram will be sent as a fun and festive email and will include the song “Hello My Baby” as a 2-minute video performed by members of SVC Limited. Patrons who purchase a telegram may attach a personal message to accompany the song.

SVC Limited is a small, auditioned ensemble of 16-20 voices which serves as another extension of the larger chorale.  Typically, the singers are available for hire to perform at special events at any point throughout the year.  Due to COVID-19, the group is pivoting to provide these virtual private “performances.”

There is a small fee of $5 for the singing telegram service and they can be ordered at beginning Monday, Feb. 8.

ArtFest still scheduled for Saturday, August 21st, in Bloomsburg

ArtFest still scheduled for Saturday, August 21st, in Bloomsburg

After an incredibly difficult year in 2020, a year in which too many of us did not get to do nearly enough, the boards of directors of The Exchange and Downtown Bloomsburg, Inc., look forward to a much better year in 2021, and we intend to hold ArtFest on Market Street around and above the fountain on Saturday, the 21st of August, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Two things may affect the show: Obviously, the trajectory of the COVID-19 crisis will affect whether we hold ArtFest at all; once again this year, we will ask for vendor applications in February, with a deadline in the spring, but we may not definitely confirm the show until much closer to its date, perhaps as late as early August. Please, wear your masks, get your vaccinations when available, and encourage the same among your family and friends and everyone else whom you encounter.

One other factor may affect the particular date: Bloomsburg University has not yet announced its class schedule for the fall semester. This matters because we would like to align ArtFest with the final move-in weekend, when lots of parents come to town with their students; we have seen significant numbers of these out-of-towners at the show in the past few years as customers. Additionally, ArtFest makes Bloomsburg look good (we would go so far as to say that it never looks better), and even those parents who do not attend the show will leave the town with a more positive feeling about the community that their students live in.

We expect Bloom U. to announce its upcoming schedule soon — hopefully within the next two or three weeks. As soon as we get confirmation from them, we will send out information about how to apply to this year’s show. (To those of you who paid for booth spaces last year and left those fees with us, thank you again for your faith in us; we have your booth fees safely held, and we will get in touch with you individually to confirm your plans to participate this year.)

If you have any questions, please get in touch. I missed seeing you last year, and I look forward to seeing you this year.

All the best —

— Oren

Oren B. Helbok
Executive director, The Exchange
[email protected]

Taber Museum Acquires A Severin Roesen Painting

Taber Museum Acquires A Severin Roesen Painting

The Thomas T. Taber Museum of the Lycoming County Historical Society is pleased to announce the acquisition of a Severin Roesen painting. The painting has been loaned by Bobby Maguire in honor of his parents Jim & Shirley Maguire. It is Mr. Maguire’s intention to turn the loan into a permanent gift within the year.

“We are so thrilled to receive this loan from Mr. Maguire. His generosity and kindness is beyond measure- thanks to him all of our visitors will be able to view the beauty of Roesen’s work,” remarked Gary Parks, Museum Director. “Many folks within Lycoming County appreciated his work but it was not until Jacqueline Kennedy outfitted the White House with two Roesens that his talent was more fully appreciated by our country.” A number of major museums throughout the country have Roesen still lifes in their collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the National Museum of Art (Smithsonian Institution), the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Chrysler Museum, St. Louis Art Museum, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Severin Roesen, known for his monumental depictions of fruit and flower still lifes was active in Williamsport during the heyday of logging and lumbering in the County, nicknaming the City “the lumber capital of the world”. It is said that at one time more millionaires lived in Williamsport than anywhere else on earth. Unfortunately, Roesen never achieved financial success during his lifetime but it is to his credit that First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy chose two Roesens to appear in her refurbishment of the White House in the early 1960s. “I was so excited when this offer came,” Parks continued, “How often does an offer such as this come?” He further remarked, “I’ve always thought Roesen was under-represented in the collection, after all, so many of them were painted here! We have a Roesen still life donated by the Lamade family and we are so thrilled to have it in our collection, but now a second one to admire and love.”

The painting will join the Taber Museum’s other still life, a permanent gift of the children of George R. and Margaret Hays Lamade. Both feature the luscious fruits so emblematic of Roesen’s work. “In the still life loaned by Mr. Maguire, the grapes glisten with drops of dew, the slice of watermelon is brimming with juice, and the champagne flute has bubbles rising to the top! His signature “S. Roesen” is cleverly disguised as a grape tendril at the central bottom of the still life. This will be such an asset to our collection.” Parks notes, “You know, for a County Historical Society, we are incredibly blessed to have generous folks such as the Maguire and Lamade families, who are willing to share their treasures.”

Both paintings are featured in the Fine and Decorative Arts Gallery of the Museum. A second loan from Mr. Maguire is a Federal-style looking glass. It will be displayed within the Greek Revival Parlor of the Museum.

The Taber is open for touring Tuesdays through Fridays, 9:30am until 4:00pm and Saturdays, 11:00am until 4:00pm. For more information about the Taber Museum, please call 570.326.3326 or visit our website Don’t forget to like us on Facebook to keep up to date with our programs and events.

Bloomsburg Children’s Museum Dedicating ‘All Abilities Nights’ in Memory of Erica Schultz

Bloomsburg Children’s Museum Dedicating ‘All Abilities Nights’ in Memory of Erica Schultz

The Bloomsburg Children’s Museum is dedicating their quarterly All Abilities Nights in memory of Erica Shultz, a former employee who was senselessly slain last month.
Shultz worked as a Museum Assistant in 2013 and 2014 while she was still in high school. She regularly helped with programs and everyday tasks in the Museum.
“Erica was always happy to help in any way she could,” Dr. Ginny Weibel, Museum Director said. “She especially loved helping the children with art projects and pretend play.” Shultz, who was autistic, used her position with the Museum to gain real-world working experience. “Erica was a valued employee and contributed greatly to our mission,” Weibel said. “She was a beam of sunshine whenever she was here. Many of us stayed connected with her when she left the Museum.”
All Abilities Nights at the Museum is a quarterly free program at the Museum. During the program, families with any member who faces a challenge are invited to tour the Museum and participate in special crafts and activities at no cost for their group.
“We started All Abilities Nights to offer a time when the Museum is a bit quieter and easier to navigate than during normal operating hours,” Weibel said. “We want families to have a relaxed experience and see that we have many friendly, adaptive spaces in hopes that those families come back again and again.”
The Museum is adding a plaque in the lobby indicating that All Abilities Night at the Museum is dedicated to preserving Shultz’s memory and the contributions she made to the organization.
The next All Abilities Night at the Museum is scheduled for Friday, January 22 from 3-7 p.m. There is no cost and reservations are not needed.
Call for children’s artwork

Call for children’s artwork

Action Together NEPA is bringing cheer to nursing home residents across NEPA, and we need help! We are looking for children’s artwork to print on postcards and send to nursing home residents. We will be accepting drawings from children ages 13 and under. Four categories of competition will take place (Ages 4 & under, Ages 5-7, Ages 8-10, and Ages 11-13) and we will print postcards with the artwork and include the first name and age of the child!

Starting in February we will post the drawing on our Facebook page and the drawing in each category with the most likes will win! The winner from each category will get 10 copies of their printed postcard AND a package of art supplies!


Contest open to children ages 13 and under; void where prohibited.

One (1) entry per person per contest, please.

Entries must be received electronically by 1/31/2021 or by mail by 2/1/2021

Entries can be scanned and emailed to [email protected] with the subject line “Coloring Contest” or you can mail your entry to:

Action Together NEPA
Coloring Contest
P.O. Box 521
Mountain Top, PA 18707

Be sure to include the child’s name and age, plus a parent or guardian’s street address, phone number, and e-mail address so that winners may be notified.