The Bloomsburg Children’s Museum, 2 West 7th Street, Bloomsburg, is pleased to announce the opening of a new art exhibit titled “The Abstract Naturalism of Donna Shaffer: Paintings Inspired by Nature.” Shaffer is an artist in the North Mountain Art League (NMAL). NMAL has a permanent exhibit area in the Bloomsburg Children’s Museum.

Artist Statement

I have never felt that an artist could improve on nature, but I have always tried to interpret, through my work, how nature presents itself to me. I consider myself an abstract naturalist artist. Simple things like tree roots, the way water washes over rocks, or the color of autumn leaves, give me ideas for my work. My paintings are inspired by nature’s endless variety of forms, textures, and rhythms. The universe and the images of nature give me an endless portfolio of ideas for my work.

Once I have a mental image of an idea I can begin working to capture the varied elements of nature’s design. Most of my sculpture materials are found in the environment. All types of wood, branches, and roots are incorporated into my work. Clay that is pit or barrel fired is another major component of my work. I am also raku firing some of my newer pieces. Recently, I have begun to use glass to provide color. I am always looking for new materials that will bring another dimension to my work.

Shaffer attended Bloomsburg University and studied painting with Maxine Masterfield. She has shown at galleries and juried shows throughout New England and Pennsylvania. Shaffer does commissioned work and visitors can purchase the works on display at the Museum. The show runs January – March 2023.

The Museum is open Monday – Saturday 10 am-4 pm.

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