“In Opposition”

Show runs February 22nd through March 26th, 2021

This moment in American culture seems to be dominated by oppositional ideas.  People are certain that their ideas are correct, while in complete contradiction to others in their community.  The Exchange Gallery invited artists to make work about opposition: Each artist could make two pieces, or she could team up with someone to between them make two pieces, and the pair would demonstrate some kind of opposition.  The contrast could be conceptual, political, or formal; it couldbe as simple as complementary colors or as complicated as political disagreements.  For the most part, one side of the gallery displays one piece, and on the opposite wall we hung the oppositional piece.  The viewer can stand between the two ideas, picking a side – or not.  The show includes 2-D and 3-D pieces, and as always we encouraged work by artists of ALL ages and levels of experience; “In Opposition” includes work by Bloomsburg University art professors, students, and graduates, and it also includes work by a four-year-old and a five-year-old — the four-year-old now in her third show here.

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