“Mask & Carry”

The show runs at the Exchange Gallery from November 23rd, 2020, through January 8th, 2021

For this year’s holiday fundraiser show, The Exchange masks up!

Since 2014, The Exchange has hosted a year-end art exhibition called “Cash & Carry”: We gave away wooden panels for artists to make art on, and we sold every piece for the same price.

This year, we gave away plain white cotton face masks for a “Mask & Carry” exhibition. As always, artists could make any sort of artwork on them – painting, drawing, sewing, collaging, sculpting, tie-dyeing, any medium at all. Artists could also start from scratch and enter masks of their own design, of any size at all (as long as they fit through the front door) and constructed of any material, substance, or matter.

All of the masks in the show have gone on view on this e-commerce site so you can browse all of the pieces in the show AND make your purchase right here.

Because all of the masks in the show will have become artwork, The Exchange does NOT recommend wearing any of them as protective gear – but one certainly may at a proper physical distance in any situation where one would not need a mask.

Please note that since this exhibition has come to a close, we can not guarantee that a mask is still available. If you purchase we will check to see if we still have it in stock, or if it has been returned to the artist we will verify its availability. If the mask is not available, you will be fully refunded and alerted via email. Thanks.