“Images In A Deliberate Sequence”

Show runs May 3rd through June 18th, 2021, at the Exchange Gallery, 24 East Main Street in Bloomsburg, Pa.

Comics are a staple in visual storytelling, but what do “comics” encompass, and how can we identify that?  Over the past couple decades, the term “comics” has been reimagined several times to reflect the temperaments, styles, and themes that come in and out of fashion.  The Exchange Gallery sought artists of all ages and levels of experience to define what comics mean to them and to produce their own interpretations of a visual narrative.  Silver age, noir, manga, alternative – all styles and genres welcome in this celebration of comics.

The show has work by sixteen artists from six Pennsylvania counties and also a Pennsylvania transplant now living in Arizona; three currently attend Bloomsburg University, and at least four others graduated from Bloom U., recently and not so recently.

You may make purchases directly from this e-commerce page and pick up your piece(s) at the close of the show; if you would like us to ship your piece(s), please get in touch with us to inquire about shipping costs before making your purchase.  All prices include tax and the credit-card fee.

For the first time with any of our shows, we feel it appropriate to alert viewers: Some people may find some of the work here not to their tastes, and some of it might provoke strong negative feelings.  We respect your feelings and ask you to respect our artists’ right to free expression; the Exchange Gallery provides a venue for all of this work without condoning or condemning any particular ideas or points of view.


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