Miriam Levine Helbok — “Personality Traits” left




Ink/mixed media

12″ high x 18″ wide

$75 for the pair

Buy now and pick up at the Gallery at the end of the show, beginning on the 26th of March.

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At the Web site ideonomy.mit.edu/essays/traits.html, you will find a list of 638 primary personality traits, including 234 positive traits, 112 neutral traits, and 292 negative traits.  I’ve envisioned our positive and negative traits in a tug of war, one that occurs frequently in some people and rarely in others, in which one side or the other may emerge victorious.  I suspect that in most people, a complex array of traits exists, and we consciously or unconsciously wrestle with the better angels and the devils in our natures when deciding what to do or not to do in any of the complicated situations that we face.  Absent from this picture are the influences of our upbringing, our culture, our religion, and every other outside force.