Miriam Levine Helbok — “No”





9″ high x 12″ wide

$30 for the pair

Buy now and pick up at the Gallery at the end of the show, beginning on the 26th of March.

Shipping cost will vary depending on distance; please contact us for a shipping estimate.


“Yes” and “No” exemplify opposition.  I have envisioned a vicious, vengeful, furious, bigoted “NO” bellowed by, say, a political right-wing thug who opposes making medical care more accessible to poor people in his state, and an equally impassioned “YES” couched in a clam, cheerful, amiable voice by a progressive trying to persuade naysayers of the need and wisdom of offering such accessible medical care.  I can also imagine a right-wing thug dressed in sheep’s clothing and saying “yes” in faux-rational honeyed tones to justify voter suppression, facing an enraged progressive saying “NO” in as steely a voice as she can muster to prevent continued efforts to suppress votes.