Marguerite Eisenhuth — “Opposition” 1


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20″ high x 16″ wide

$111 for the pair

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Girl, be good

check all the boxes in a row

be happy and smile

be honest, but polite

be bold, but not to me

be true, but follow the rules

be tidy, but hurry up, be yourself, but not like that

be forgiving, but don’t forget

be strong, but not like a man

be brave, but don’t humiliate yourself

be a dreamer, but be realistic

be confident, but don’t seek attention

be wild, but look presentable

be approachable, but not desperate

be curvy, but not too much

be grateful, but don’t want some more

be healthy, but not obsessed

be attractive, but cover up

be rested, now wake up

be pretty, but natural

be everything, but effortless

be a mother, but not too young

be selfless, but don’t get stretch marks

be hard-working, but relax, you’re tense

be satisfied, but on my terms

be assertive, but not too loud

be mature, but not too old

be expressive, but tone it down

look hot, just don’t look around


grow up, but don’t change


Whatever you want.

I don’t care.


I’m fine.

I’m taking back what’s mine.


by Marguerite Elaine