“I Would Like To Explore The Empire State Building (When The Sickness Is Over)” by David A. and Dawson Miller


Acrylic and crayon

30″ high x 24″ wide

Not for sale

For our video about the artists’ work, please visit youtu.be/hsAZ9W5VZp8?t=423.

About the Painting

“I Would Like to Explore the Empire State Building (When the Sickness is Over)” started with the drawing that Dawson, age 4, brought home from preschool.  One of the themes for the work was exploring and explorers, and the children were asked to draw something they wanted to explore (“like Marco Polo”).  Dawson’s drawing was of the Empire State Building.  (Our family really loves New York.)  I really loved the drawing itself and the demonstration of thinking ahead to the many things that we can do and places we can return to “when the sickness is over.”  (As Dawson said, “I really want to visit New York again.  And we can stay in a hotel.”)  We decided to do another Empire State Building, collaboratively, this one on canvas.  Dawson drew the lines with water-soluble crayons and made decisions about the colors for the two Empire State Buildings, explaining that the zigzags protect the building.  David then added paint to the canvas.

Dawson Miller, Artist Statement

I like doing painting and watercoloring.  I like helping with paintings.  And I want to sew.  I do want a sewing kit for my birthday.  And I want an iPad that has a Minecraft video game on it.

I like bumpy textures.  And I like how things are smooth.  I don’t like when my scooter goes on bumpy surfaces, but I like when it goes on smooth surfaces.  And I like how some things stretch.  And my favorite colors are red, green, yellow, purple, and green, and light blue and dark blue.  And I like light green.  And I like how things are soft.  And I like how things are squishy.  I like how stuffed animals are so snuggly.  And I like putting together mini-Legos.

And I like statues.