Bee by Deb Stabley


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Recycled book cover, acrylic, and colored pencil

7″ wide

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Deb, a professional ceramic artist and educator, has this to say about her recent work:

I am fortunate

to have both art and nature

to take respite in

My Covid-19 experience has been easy compared to what so many others have gone through. This is not to say that I wasn’t stressed out by it, however. Between the uncertainty of the virus and the political insanity of 2020, my mind and soul felt battered most of the time.

Lucky me to have remained teaching throughout this chapter (most of it face-to-face no less), to have an abundance of nature at my disposal, and to have a home studio to work in. I didn’t make monumental artistic leaps this year, but I did develop a new mixed-media process utilizing discarded book covers. It has been very therapeutic. The medium is “greener”, more immediate than clay, and more soothing in the moment, as the acrylics and colored pencils are permanent and not impacted by a firing process. The final step of painting dots on the book cover cut-outs is actually very soothing as well. I plan to make larger, and more involved, book-cover pieces in 2021.

I also continued to work with clay in 2020. As per usual, I explored new glazing and firing techniques. The tiles shown here are low-fired, and I finish them using a somewhat unpredictable sagar-firing process, which involves an application of ferric chloride. I will do more sagar firing this year and explore other clay techniques,as well, and I very much look forward to a new year that is hopefully headed in a better direction.