Anti-Bullying Hat by Lorraine Feola


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“What I Did In Quarantine”

Just before March of 2020, I purchased a children’s book at the Bloomsburg Salvation Army entitled “Knit Your Bit”.  The book was about children knitting for soldiers during World War I.  The book was based on a real “knit-in” event that took place in Central Park, new York City, in 1918.  At the back of the book, it mentioned that you can still knit for charity.

That opened up a while new world to me.

I went on-line and found many organizations that have “knitting for charity” projects.  I had a craft room full of yarn, and the fun began.

I have knitted and crocheted hats, mittens, and scarves for several organizations, one being “Warm Up America” from Texas; I have knitted children’s blankets for the “Linus Project”; I have knitted scarves for “Operation Gratitude”, saying “thank you” to our service people.  I have knitted clothes for the rescue mission for men in Indiana, hats for cancer patients in California, and soap bags for homeless people, and I’m currently working on making blue hats against bullying, with yarn from the Lion Yarn Company.

My supply of yarn is getting low, but I plan on continuing this effort even after the pandemic is over.

The is just one example of something good coming out of something not so good.  We can all do something.