“A Place To Be” by Bennett Lipski


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Ink and watercolor

15″ high x 12″ wide

Buy now and pick up at the Gallery at the end of the show, beginning on the 20th of February.  Shipping cost will vary depending on distance; please contact us for a shipping estimate.

To see our video about Bennett’s piece in “Quarantine”, go to youtu.be/hsAZ9W5VZp8?t=288.

Bennett’s artist statement:

I create because I feel it is what I have to do.

It is how I help myself understand ideas. I create work for people to see and react in their minds. My hope is that my work pays off by impacting others and most importantly, for myself, I hope my work glorifies God. Everyone should create, whether one becomes well known for it or not; what matters is expressing ideas in individual ways.