Filling an Events Calendar is Hard

Let us fill in all the details.
You take all the credit.

Events Published

Filterable Categories

Local Venues

Easy Way To Share

Embed our calendar into your website and communicate to your site visitors what is going on in the area. We can customize the calendar views, colors and even filter by specific categories and venues. If you are a regular contributor to the site, we can even take away the work of keeping your own calendar up to date. Just send us a steady stream of your events, we’ll publish them on our site and push them out to your embedded calendar. It couldn’t be simpler. 

The Calendar Embed In a Nutshell

Our calendar embed is versatile and works on just about any website. 


Best In Class Design

Spark interest in your events with eye-catching design and a clean, minimal interface that makes it easy for visitors to discover events.

Looks Good on All Devices

A responsive, mobile-friendly design guarantees your calendar will look great on any screen, no matter what device or browser it’s viewed on.

Flexible + Customizable

Toggle calendar settings for custom colors, timezones, and layouts to give your calendar a personal touch that is tailored to your website and your brand.

Delightfully simple setup, no coding required

Add a calendar to your website in just a few clicks—no coding or development required!

Simply copy the embed code, paste it into any post or page on your site, and voilà! Your calendar installation is complete.

See the calendar in action

Calendar View with no filters applied (light background)

List View with Theater Events Filter Applied (dark background)

Get Our Calendar on Your Site!

Use the form below to submit a request to our technical team for a custom embed code that you can use on your site. We can change the color scheme, and filter events by just about any category we feature on our site. Only want to showcase the Visual Arts events? Not a problem. All we ask in return is a link back to