Artist Calls for Entry

Wearable Art II

April 22nd through May 31st

Work due Saturday, April 20th, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The Exchange Gallery again calls artists and imaginative sew-ers of all ages and levels of experience to design and make a piece of wearable art — any item from an earring to a full-sized ensemble.  You may use fabric, yarn, applique, paper, cardboard, and all sorts of recycled stuff.  The item can be WORN on the body, somehow or other.

Reception Saturday, April 27th (same day as Renaissance Jamboree)



June 1st through July 5th

Work Due Saturday, June 1st

Reception Saturday, June 1st

Mistakes open new doors.  We can find endless examples of famous historical figures in science, art, education, engineering, and so on who have used the learning process from a mistake to impact the world for the better.  If we as a community share our artistic expressions of mistakes, whether the art is a mistake or about mistakes, this will empower us to open our minds to go deeper in our learning, our reflections, our skills, and our self-awareness.


“Over the Top”

September 30th through November 9th

Work due september 28th

Reception Saturday, October 6th

Looking for humorous . . . ridiculous . . . or otherwise over the top.