The Bloomsburg Children’s Museum is pleased to announce that HAK4KIDZ, the area’s only kid-friendly hacking conference, returns on Saturday, March 25 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at the Kehr Union Center on the campus of Bloomsburg University.

The Bloomsburg Children’s Museum produces Hak4Kidz in conjunction with the BloomCON, an adult-hacking conference on Bloomsburg University grounds.

Children aged 7-17 are encouraged to pre-register for this FREE conference. Registration can be done at

Ethical hackers, information security professionals, and educators will bring the benefits of white hat hacking to children and young adults at the conference. The conference features guest speakers, workshops, and STEM workstations. Attendees can win prizes, expand their knowledge and explore the world of hacks.

Workshops include: Can U Xcape escape room, NFC Treasure Hunt, Intro to python coding, programming with Edison robots, Thrivent Financial Finance Hacks, codes and ciphers, and much more.

Can U Xcape, located in Bloomsburg on Main St., returns for this year’s event with an escape room. They describe Hak4Kidz, “This is an event we look forward to every year! It is a pleasure to see the children’s faces light up each year as they work together to solve puzzles, along with their family and friends. Everyone always has a good time, and it’s nice to see so many young ones who are actively taking an interest in technology and are ready to apply themselves to become the problem solvers of the future!”

Dr. Phil Polstra, the producer of the parent BloomCON conference, describes the program, “The BloomCON Hak4Kidz event is now in its sixth year. It features fun STEM activities for children 7-17 primarily geared toward skills needed for work in the Information Technology and Cyber Security industry.”

BloomCON HAK4KIDZ is supported in part by PPL, Martz Technologies, and The Williams Company.

The Bloomsburg Children’s Museum is open Monday – Saturday 10 am-4 pm.

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