The Bloomsburg Children’s Museum has been awarded $250,000 in designated state funding, thanks in large part to the efforts of Representative David Millard. The grant funding will expand the museum’s physical space and is designated for tourism and cultural development.

Rep. Millard said, “This popular attraction has simply outgrown its current footprint so this grant will be of significant help in helping it to expand and better serve the high number of visitors.”

Over the past four years the Museum has seen an 18% increase in tourists coming to the Museum and has expanded the services that they offer to the immediate community by 20%.

Additional space will allow the Museum to expand the number of exhibits they house, as well as add additional space for programming.

Director of the Bloomsburg Children’s Museum, Dr. Ginny Weibel said, “We are so grateful to Representative Millard for working with us to obtain these funds. We look forward to increasing our capacity to attract tourists as well as serving those in our community. The Children’s Museum is a huge enrichment opportunity for students. It broadens their horizons, teaches them new skills, and gives them the opportunity to experience things from cultures far away in both place and time. A physical expansion will allow us to increase this capacity.”

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