The Bloomsburg Children\’s Museum is happy to announce the opening of a new art exhibit titled \”Roundabout\” by Sara Mika of Mock Pie Studio. Mika is an artist in the North Mountain Art League (NMAL). NMAL has a permanent exhibit area in the Bloomsburg Children\’s Museum. Mika, who is also an art instructor with the Museum, is enthusiastic about showing her work to visitors.

Sara Mika said, \”I\’m so grateful for this opportunity to exhibit a grouping of my work at The Bloomsburg Children\’s Museum. Visitors young and old will have the opportunity to visually engage with my creations in an environment which is already so rich with creativity and educational opportunities. I love seeing the spark of excitement in the eyes of a child when they are experiencing all the museum has to offer,\” Mika said. \”Everything is designed just for them and they truly come alive in the space. I\’m also thankful for the opportunities the museum has provided for me to work in an instructional capacity with its visitors. As an artist and an art educator it\’s such a thrill to inspire and be inspired by the imagination of the children in our communities.\”

Mika explained the title of the show, \”The work in this \’Roundabout\’ exhibit is a collection of mostly older work that represents, in a roundabout sort of way, how I’ve arrived at the work I’m creating today.\”

Mika\’s work is on display from now until March 2022. The Bloomsburg Children\’s Museum is open Monday-Saturday 10 a.m.-4 p.m.