“Hiding in Plain Sight” is an exhibit, meant for parents and caregivers, that simulates a teen’s bedroom in which parents learn to identify objects that could provide critical insights about risky behavior. Amidst the clutter of clothing scattered on the floor, school supplies, and personal care products are items that can signal that a young person could be involved in risky, harmful, or even illegal activity. Visitors will have an opportunity to interact with the items on display.

Olivia Oden, Stigma Reduction & Education Coordinator for United in Recovery explains the importance of this exhibit.

“The ‘problem’ that our Hiding In Plain Sight exhibit addresses is substance use among young adults. Within the ‘teen’s bedroom’ that is set up, there are many places where one may hide illicit substances. Our exhibit strives to make parents and caregivers aware of not only where these hiding places are, but also of what challenges a teen may face when they use these illicit substances. We also provide resources and information for the family to take with them if interested, and the hands-on experience is a conversation starter for many individuals. This simulation is not meant to scare families and loved ones but be a conduit to have an open conversation on safety and prevention concerning illicit substance use among youth. ”

The exhibit is currently open and runs through September 18th. Visitors can view the exhibit by entering a separate program space adjacent to the Museum’s exhibit galleries. The exhibit is open during regular Museum hours Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

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