The International Trombone Summit concerts (All free to the Public, all in Danville, PA) are as follows:

Tuesday June 22nd, 7pm Memorial Park
Trombones and Puppets!
An outside kids concert in Memorial Park.  The International Trombone Summit students and faculty interact with puppets in a live Performance!  Informative, and Fun!

Wednesday June 23rd, 7pm Grove Presbyterian Church
Faculty recital in collaboration with pianist/organist Michael Schneider
(Masks required for audience)

Thursday June 24th, 7pm Maria Hall (Closed to public)
Student recital at Maria Hall – Sisters of Saints Cyril and Methodius Personal Care and independent living facility.
In collaboration with pianist – Michael Schneider

Friday June 25th, 7pm Grove Presbyterian Church
The ITS Finale
In collaboration with pianist – Michael Schneider and Bass soloist – Andrew Gutknecht
(Masks require for audience)