The Columbia County Farm Bureau in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau has donated $1,000 to support the Bloomsburg Children’s Musuem’s “Farm to Table” exhibit interactive. The interactive is part of the Museum’s new health exhibit, titled “The Superpower of You,” which is slated to open in the Spring of 2021. The Farm to Table interactive takes visitors on a journey to learn where their food comes from, why fresh food is an important part of your diet, and why sustainable agriculture is vital to our community.
“There will be a lot of content within the exhibit to help all our visitors make the connection between the food we eat and how food can affect positive health outcomes,” Dr. Ginny Weibel, Museum Director said. “Understanding and appreciating where your food comes from is the first step in creating a healthy diet.”
James Levan, President of the Columbia County Farm Bureau commented on the need for educational opportunities that promote an understanding of the importance of agriculture. “Kids today are so far away from agriculture,” Levan said. “They don’t have an understanding of what farming is. Some kids have never been on a farm at all.”
The new interactive at the Museum features a farm tractor photo op, a farmers market where kids can shop for items to make a healthy meal, and a kitchen table where visitors can play a game about nutrition.
Photo (left to right): Charlie Porter, Farm Bureau Board Member, Ginny Weibel, Children’s Museum Director, Karen Chapin, Farm Bureau Secretary/Treasurer, James Levan, Columbia County Farm Bureau President. James Levan hands Ginny Weibel the donation in support
of the “Farm to Table” exhibit interactive at the Bloomsburg Children’s Museum.
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