The Bloomsburg Children’s Museum is dedicating their quarterly All Abilities Nights in memory of Erica Shultz, a former employee who was senselessly slain last month.
Shultz worked as a Museum Assistant in 2013 and 2014 while she was still in high school. She regularly helped with programs and everyday tasks in the Museum.
“Erica was always happy to help in any way she could,” Dr. Ginny Weibel, Museum Director said. “She especially loved helping the children with art projects and pretend play.” Shultz, who was autistic, used her position with the Museum to gain real-world working experience. “Erica was a valued employee and contributed greatly to our mission,” Weibel said. “She was a beam of sunshine whenever she was here. Many of us stayed connected with her when she left the Museum.”
All Abilities Nights at the Museum is a quarterly free program at the Museum. During the program, families with any member who faces a challenge are invited to tour the Museum and participate in special crafts and activities at no cost for their group.
“We started All Abilities Nights to offer a time when the Museum is a bit quieter and easier to navigate than during normal operating hours,” Weibel said. “We want families to have a relaxed experience and see that we have many friendly, adaptive spaces in hopes that those families come back again and again.”
The Museum is adding a plaque in the lobby indicating that All Abilities Night at the Museum is dedicated to preserving Shultz’s memory and the contributions she made to the organization.
The next All Abilities Night at the Museum is scheduled for Friday, January 22 from 3-7 p.m. There is no cost and reservations are not needed.
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