After an incredibly difficult year in 2020, a year in which too many of us did not get to do nearly enough, the boards of directors of The Exchange and Downtown Bloomsburg, Inc., look forward to a much better year in 2021, and we intend to hold ArtFest on Market Street around and above the fountain on Saturday, the 21st of August, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Two things may affect the show: Obviously, the trajectory of the COVID-19 crisis will affect whether we hold ArtFest at all; once again this year, we will ask for vendor applications in February, with a deadline in the spring, but we may not definitely confirm the show until much closer to its date, perhaps as late as early August. Please, wear your masks, get your vaccinations when available, and encourage the same among your family and friends and everyone else whom you encounter.

One other factor may affect the particular date: Bloomsburg University has not yet announced its class schedule for the fall semester. This matters because we would like to align ArtFest with the final move-in weekend, when lots of parents come to town with their students; we have seen significant numbers of these out-of-towners at the show in the past few years as customers. Additionally, ArtFest makes Bloomsburg look good (we would go so far as to say that it never looks better), and even those parents who do not attend the show will leave the town with a more positive feeling about the community that their students live in.

We expect Bloom U. to announce its upcoming schedule soon — hopefully within the next two or three weeks. As soon as we get confirmation from them, we will send out information about how to apply to this year’s show. (To those of you who paid for booth spaces last year and left those fees with us, thank you again for your faith in us; we have your booth fees safely held, and we will get in touch with you individually to confirm your plans to participate this year.)

If you have any questions, please get in touch. I missed seeing you last year, and I look forward to seeing you this year.

All the best —

— Oren

Oren B. Helbok
Executive director, The Exchange
[email protected]

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