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When it comes to gifting this year, it never hurts to plan ahead, particularly for the more creative people in your life. From high-tech gadgets to activities that inspire and enlighten, we’ve got some great budget-friendly ideas for you to bestow upon the artistically-inclined. Nothing says “I know you” more than a gift that encourages their talents, inspires their abilities, and speaks to their soul.

Coloring Books
What a budding artist needs more than anything is an opportunity to practice. Coloring books are an affordable gift idea and a great way to ignite creativity, while also helping a loved one strengthen and hone their artistic skills. Coloring books not only teach useful techniques like how to read and use a color wheel, but also promote relaxation and meditation. A Zen state of mind is a fantastic way to relax from a long day and open one’s mind to inspiration.

Explore Sunography
Every photographer is looking at the latest technology, but what about a gift that simplifies the creative process a bit? Sunography is a fun, educational way to explore photography with the world’s oldest — and greatest — light source, the sun. Sunography uses the light of the sun to create images. Simply place an object on special paper, expose in the sun and rinse with water to reveal your image. Not only will this create a fun science lesson for the younger ones, but it’s also an important history lesson everyone should know, as well — sunography was invented by one of the first female photographers!

Craft Kits
Subscribing to craft boxes is a convenient way to ignite creativity. This is especially useful if your gift recipient doesn’t have time to shop for supplies or is having a hard time figuring out their next creative idea. There are craft kits for all ages — even kids can participate! For example, KiwiCo delivers craft kits for kids to their door. You can save on a subscription by grabbing a KiwiCo promo code and applying it to your online purchase.

Museum Membership
Creative people find inspiration everywhere, but nothing quite like immersing themselves in the imaginations of others. An annual membership to a local art museum is an easy, yet inspiring way, to surprise your creative loved one with a gift that not only taps into their unique abilities, but also offers support to the arts in your city or community.

Digital Drawing Pad
Artists use all kinds of media, from napkins to canvas to Photoshop. Many artists get their creative wheels churning with a combination of outlets, making a digital drawing pad a great way to translate their paper ideas into the digital world. One of the fastest growing emerging creative technologies, these pads can sync up to phones, use color and apply texture.

Enhance the Home
What better way to inspire and encourage any flavor of creativity than with enriching decor that brings light to life? From original art to unique lamps, adding a pop of creativity to a living room or bedroom is a great way to appreciate your creative loved one’s style. The next time you visit their home, take a look around — what’s their style? Do a little window shopping at contemporary home furnishing stores and observe where they pause, seeing which designs get them to linger.

Feed the Mind
There are a ton of books out there on the art and science of creativity, many of which are just a click away. If your artistic friend has been in a rut, why not give them a book that helps them dig deeper into the inner workings of their creative spirit? This is especially good for folks who use their creative genius for their jobs. Many times those employees face creative burnout, so any one of these books might be the right way to ignite their passion.

Even if creative is the last word you’d use to describe yourself, you don’t have to stress out about finding the perfect gift for the creative spirit on your list — and you don’t have to spend a
lot of money. Use this list to get your own ideas flowing!

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