Barbara Bohling (Bloomsburg) was named the Bloomsburg Children’s Museum’s Volunteer of the Year for 2020. Bohling has volunteered with the Museum for over 7 years.

“I am appreciative and humbled by this honor,” Bohling said. “I am well aware that many others work very hard for the Museum.”

Bohling is active in maintaining the Museum’s Native Tree and Butterfly Gardens and is a docent during field trips. Bohling is a former school teacher from the Millville School District. After she retired from teaching, Bohling spent 2 years in the Peace Corps teaching English in the Limpopo province of the Republic of South Africa before joining the Museum as a volunteer. Her years of experience as a teacher is apparent as she is one of the Museum’s expert exhibit presenters during field trips. Bohling also volunteers to teach in educational programs such as Hak4Kidz and Water Days.

“Volunteers are vital to the success and preservation of the Museum,” Emerson Noss, Museum Board Member said. “Barb always answers the call to volunteer. She really personifies what the word “volunteer” means.”

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