Gina Dignazio is a 39 year old exhibiting artist and lover of reading, gardening, hiking who is appreciate of quality time with her family. She currently resides in Hazleton, PA.

Her artwork consists mostly of acrylic or watercolor painting, though she dabbles in decoupage and collage as well. To her, art is a form of self-expression, “my goal is to connect with others. I love when a piece of artwork I created becomes a conversation starter.”

Currently, the work of Ibiyinka Olufemi Alao inspires her. It is the colorful, joyful nature of his work which she says draws her to it. She also admires the work of Jane Klesh Butkovsky, an accomplished artist from her hometown of Hazleton who does stunning portraits and landscapes.

In five years, she hopes to have a bigger online presence for her artwork, which she admits she needs to work on and stop putting off! Her most recent series of paintings, Artistic Botany, pairs botanical studies of flowering plants with cursive writing describing the specimen. Executed in acrylic or watercolor, her paintings often use vibrant colors and have a strong design element.

Three of her paintings can be seen here titled Bee Balm (which includes Dignazio in the photo), Oxeye Daisies in acrylic 11” x 14”, and Purple Cone Flowers in watercolor 8” x 11”.

More of her work can be found on Facebook or Society6 through the links below.

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