Ron Lambert is a 45 year old Bloomsburg University staff member currently teaching sculpture. He currently lives in Bloomsburg where he builds and rides bikes as a hobby. He also enjoys music and concerts, especially slow metal.

He sees art as an action against the neoliberal society in the United States, in his own words, “I can say that since I don’t sell anything”. For him, it is a way to visualize and discuss ideas that trouble him pertaining to culture today. He makes it because it provides an outlet for the thoughts that would otherwise stay pent up. Plus, he says, “I’ve done it for so long I would feel like a jerk if I quit now.”

He makes mixed-media sculptures, but doesn’t really stick to one material. Rather, he chooses what he wants to work with based on what pushed his ideas forward. In the has he has done a fair amount of video and is hoping to get back into it in the near future.

When asked what artists he looks up to, he admits there are likely too many to name, but currently finds himself referencing Gordon Matta-Clark, Robert Gober, and Tauba Auerbach.

As to where he’d like to be in 5 years, he hopes to still be gainfully employed, though admits he is thinking differently about that question now:

“…if you asked me that question a year ago I would have had a clear answer, but since the pandemic everything seems to be in question. I would love to have a museum show. That is probably a stretch, but you have to dream. I would like to get back into video art. My friend David Miller and I have planned to collaborate on a video project. One of the reasons I stopped doing video was I needed to move into narrative and I felt overwhelmed by the thought of writing dialog and directing actors. David’s great at that stuff so I plan to drain him of his talent like Bella Lugosi in Dracula. I could also see myself starting to make work for outdoor venues.”

Ron Lambert can be found at his website: or on his instagram, ronlambertart. Alongside this profile are two of Lambert’s pieces; Path Full and Valley View 3.

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