Born and raised in Ashland, Pa, Chet received a B.S. in Art Education from Penn State and an M.A. in Studio Art from the Hartford Art School. He has spent over four decades as an artist, art educator, and art advocate, and has over two dozen solo exhibitions.

Chet enjoys sharing his life with his wife and muse, Sandy. Together they enjoy
the arts, traveling, reading, gardening and cycling. They live in a beautiful area of Paxinos in a home designed by Chet with an attached studio where he works and teaches.

His art is the visual manifestations of his deepest concerns for humanity and his
relevance to it. Most of his creations are allegories, full of personal and universal
symbolism addressing issues that tug at his soul.

He works mostly in acrylics but also does a lot of drawing. He often finds that mixing mediums is required to attain a desired effect.

He really loves and finds inspiration from the figurative work of the Bay Area Artists of the 50s and 60s; David Parks, Elmer Bischoff , Richard Diebenkorn, and Nathen Oliveira being my

In five years he hopes to be in his home/studio striving and producing.

Chet can be found digitally through the following links. Some of his work; The Phoenix, Made It, and Pampered Pets are displayed alongside this profile.

Website –
Facebook – CJDavis Fine Art

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