In this time of crisis, we could all use a little sunshine in our lives – especially those businesses who have been forced to close at the sake of the global pandemic we currently face.
At the Danville Business Alliance, we are working to be able to bring some of the ‘light’ – both figuratively and literally – back to our local businesses that have been unable to open their doors.
The DBA is working with local entrepreneurs in launching a new initiative that we are calling the “Danville Vitamin D Fund.” This fund is meant to bring our community together to support the small businesses that support us, not just during the hard times, but all year round.
Through generous donations from community members, we will be able to help small business owners who are struggling during this uncertain time. The money that is donated to this fund by the community will be equally distributed among active members of the Danville Business Alliance.
Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. If you are unable to donate at this time, but still want to support this fund, please consider sharing this video to help raise awareness.