Box of Light Studio and the Bloomsburg Children’s Museum are partnering on Stay, Play, Learn, a website devoted to providing online educational content for parents and kids. The website launched on March 26, 2020 and content will be added throughout this social distancing period created by the COVID-19 virus

Stay, Play, Learn is a project created by Box of Light Studio and the Bloomsburg Children’s Museum to provide arts and science education to families at home during the time of COVID-19. This site offers films, lessons, educational challenges and connections to educators and teaching artists. These resources are gifts to our communities from teaching artists, educators and arts organizations throughout northeastern Pennsylvania.

This unusual time in our history gives us the opportunity to forge new partnerships and explore unique platforms for delivering our services, Dr. Ginny Weibel, Bloomsburg Children’s Museum Director said about the new website. “We are thrilled to connect with our community in this way.”

The website is comprised of videos covering science, arts, and cultural topics. Challenges will be issued each week. The challenges are a chance for kids to show off what they’ve learned, as each challenge will require a bit of knowledge from every lesson taught during the week. The organizers hope that daily lessons will lead the kids to immediate hands-on practice with the challenge connecting all lessons. Kids will be invited to send in images and videos of their challenges with the hopes of each child seeing and learning from the work of others.

“It is my hope that our site is a meeting place at a time when we cannot meet, a way of raising our children when we cannot gather in physical places of learning,” Rand Whipple, Director of Box of Light states.

The organizers will connect regional artists, educators, scientists, and performers to the online learners. Viewers will have the opportunity to learn from members of their own communities whom they might not have known otherwise.

“It will actually be very interesting to see what, if anything, continues once we can meet again in physical spaces,” Whipple said.

Discover the Stay, Play, Learn website at

The Children’s Museum is a non-profit organization with a mission to enrich the lives of people in the 10-county region by fostering a lifelong love of learning through interactive programs and exhibits that bring out the imagination in every child and the child in every visitor. Visit to learn more.

Box of Light is a digital arts studio that works with educators and the public in locations across Pennsylvania. Box of Light offers classes for the public and assembly programs and workshops for schools. To learn more about what Box of Light has available for you, your child or your organization, please visit

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