The Census is based on a simple principle which is also a lofty ideal: everybody counts.

Getting accurate counts of all our communities means accurate Congressional representation, accurate amounts of federal tax money coming back into our communities, and as any genealogist or historian knows, accurate historical information for centuries to come! Find out more about the Census at

The best way to make sure we get an accurate count is to make sure enough people in our community are involved in the Census! Our goal right now is to recruit Census workers, which is an opportunity to make money while helping your home community.

Census workers work in their own neighborhoods, have flexible hours, and can do the job even while they have another job. Interested? Find out how to apply and get your application in today at It pays $13.50 an hour plus mileage, and requires between 10-30 hours a week. Doing the online application makes you eligible to work for the census in your area. Don’t worry if you don’t hear back right away; the Census will call as it gets rolling in our region!

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