Did you know that two Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble artists are deeply involved with the upcoming Festival Unbound in Bethlehem, PA?

Festival UnBound promises to bring Ten days of original theatre, dance, music, art and conversation designed to celebrate and imagine our future together! The event runs from October 4th – 13th. For more info on the festival itself, check out: https://festivalunbound.com

BTE founding member emeritus Gerard Stropnicky wrote the play, “Prometheus/Redux”.  
Touchstone Theatre presents the world premiere of “Prometheus/Redux”, an original play commissioned for Festival UnBound written by Gerard Stropnicky. Marking the 20th anniversary of Bethlehem Steel’s closing, and the seminal work “Steelbound” from our 1999 “Steel Festival”, “Prometheus/Redux” asks us how we define ourselves in the face of an ever-changing, ever more interconnected world. No longer “bound” to the steel industry, what has become of the proud steel-worker Prometheus, and our community, 20 years later?

For more on Prometheus/Redux check out: https://festivalunbound.com/prometheus-redux-2/

And BTE founding member Laurie McCants is directing and performing in the play, “Hidden Seed:  Bethlehem’s Forgotten Utopia”.  

Dive into the hidden history of Bethlehem’s birth—  a Moravian Utopia? Multiculturalism and womens’ rights are sown into the soil of our remarkable egalitarian past. Hidden Seed shines light on our forebears’ lessons, and the treasures that grow from our roots.

For more on “Hidden Seed:  Bethlehem’s Forgotten Utopia” check out:  http://festivalunbound.com/hidden-seed/

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