Beginning in March, Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble will perform Star Tours!: Explore the Mysteries of the Universe its 41st annual Theatre In the Classroom (TIC) production. Tour dates are March 4 through May 31.

Join our top-notch crew of the Star Ship Improvise as they travel through the universe, explore our solar system, the particulars of space travel, the discoveries of Galileo, and more! Their Mission? To seek out new worlds and civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before, and to teach some kids about outer space before school is over!

With BTE’s energetic storytelling style, imaginative props, music, and lots of audience involvement, BTE brings the mysteries of the universe to elementary and middle school cafeterias, gymnasiums, libraries and other performance spaces across the Commonwealth and beyond. Star Tours! is an informative, entertaining, playful show following in the 40-year tradition of bringing quality theatre to young people and developing and vitalizing their imagination by involving them, through active participation, in the theatrical arts. Shows are presented by actors in an animated story-theatre style followed by a lively post-performance discussion to round out the hour.

For schools, a comprehensive Study Guide provided prior to the scheduled performance, enables educators to maximize the educational value of the theatre experience by providing discussion ideas, related classroom activities, post-performance questions, and bibliography.

Booking dates for the 2019 tour are available. Teachers, administrators, and parent-teacher organizations should call BTE’s School Programs Director, Paula Henry at 570.458.4075, e-mail at [email protected], and/or visit BTE’s website,

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