A Surrealist Party
Wednesday, Nov. 28, 7-8 p.m.
Samek  Gallery, Top Floor, ELC

The Samek Art Museum will host a Surrealist Party to celebrate the success ofMystic Detectives. Join us for a night of Surrealist games and fun in the museum. There will be surreal food and drinks on hand and we encourage people to come in costume, drag, or simply as their most surreal self.

Image above: Is She Hungry, 2017. © Nick Knight


Mystic Detectives | Oct. 16 – Dec. 2

This exhibition explores the influences and echoes of Surrealism in contemporary art. Featured artists create imagery that taps the subconscious through abjection, humor and cognitive dissonance. They use these strategies to present diverse  perspectives, socially aware art, and to tackle contemporary questions. These artists go beyond the canon of historic Surrealism and take the viewer to unfamiliar places.

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